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HTC U 11 Life
HTC U 11 Life-Telgonet


HTC Smartphone isn’t the substantial hitter in the cell phone space that it used to be; indeed. The organization hasn’t discharged a buyer confronting the HTC Mobile since 2018. In any case, its current arrangement is as yet worth investigating. Particularly since each smartphone is accessible for a small amount of its unique cost. Here are the best ones you can get at this moment.

1. HTC Smartphone- U11

Price: £649.99, 5.5-inch quad-HD. Display: Snapgradon 835/4GB. RAM: 64GB storage/microSD . ANC USB-C earbuds included. No headphone jack, 12MP camera w/OIS, 3000mAh battery, Amazon Alexa, Edge Sense

The U11’s product has improved since dispatch on account of the expansion of Amazon Alexa’s support. I’m not persuaded Alexa is any more intelligent than Android’s worked in Google Assistant. Yet the expansion is an inviting one that made it simple for me to shop on Amazon without propelling. The application and physically scans for things.

HTC U11-Telgonet

The element likewise grandstands one of the U11’s ideal, yet generally neglected, selling focuses its amplifiers. The U11 has the absolute best mics I’ve utilized on a telephone. They imply Alexa is worryingly acceptable at getting voice directions – a reality displayed. when I almost made an unintentional and exorbitant Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti buy. When I accidentally addressed “yes” to a meeting companion’s inquiry while running a value check with Alexa.

Alexa likewise made me at last appropriately exploit the U11’s already unusual “Edge Sense” press controls. I at present have the telephone set so a short crush will dispatch Alexa while a long one will launch Google Assistant.

HTC U11 Cheap smartphone

This shouldn’t imply that everything has been cats and rainbows during my time with the U11. The absence of an earphone jack is as yet an inconvenience that is shielded me from utilizing my supported Fender FXA2 wired earphones. As the packaged USB-C connector is madly wobbly and simple to break. I’m as of now on connector number three after the connecter twisted in my pocket on the stroll to work.

The connector is additionally genuinely finicky to supplant. As the U11 just acknowledges the official one being sold on HTC’s online store. Be cautioned, near the entirety of the outsider USB-C connectors on Amazon won’t work with the U11.

In any case, this is a little inconvenient considering. The HTC Mobile U11’s different advantages and one that can without much of a stretch be evaded with the utilization of remote earphones. (on the off chance that you can endure the sound quality minimization that is). The other alternative is to utilize a legitimate USB earphone amp. However, that is a costly choice that is just beneficial on the off chance that you’ve spent a respectable sum on your jars.


2. HTC U11+

Price: £699. 6-inch Quad-HD+ LCD screen. Snapdragon 835. 6GB RAM. 128GB storage. microSD. USB-C. Android 8.0 Oreo. 12-megapixel camera. 8-megapixel selfie camera. 3930mAh battery.

The HTC U11+ is a 0.5 move up to the organization’s past leader. The HTC Mobile U11. It’s a minor invigorate much the same as OnePlus’ overhaul of the OnePlus 5 to the OnePlus 5T.

HTC U11 Plus
HTC U11 Plus-Telgonet

It offers updates to the U11’s plant and equipment, including an improved screen and bigger battery. The battery on the off chance that it was discharged a large portion of a year back. It would have been probably the best handset. Even now it stays a strong decision that will address most purchasers’ issues. Yet, into 2018, with the danger of cutting edge handsets. It feels somewhat late in the game.

From the start, the U11+ doesn’t resemble an immense takeoff from the HTC Mobile U11. The main clear distinction between the two is that the U11+ is somewhat taller and more slender than its antecedent and has an essentially littler bezel. In any case, except if you keep the two down to the back, you’re probably not going to see the changes.

HTC Smartphone- U11+

I’m likewise not a fanatic of the reality the U11+ is deficient with regards to a 3.5mm jack, although this is a protest I have with basically every advanced leader – damn you, Apple, for beginning this pattern.

In any case, outside of these niggles. The U11+ ticks all the privilege boxes. Round the back, you’ll discover a unique mark scanner that demonstrated precise and dependable all through testing. The USB Type-C port at the gadget’s base offers good charge and information move speeds. The consideration of a microSD card space makes it brisk and simple to extend the U11+’s sound 128GB of inherent stockpiling.

HTC Smartphone has stacked the U11+ with a sizable 6-inch Quad HD+ show with an 18:9 angle proportion. The screen is an update on the normal U11’s 5.5-inch, quad-HD show in various ways – and I’m genuinely intrigued that HTC Smartphone has figured out how to load such a major board into the gadget without having to profoundly expand its general size.

The screen remains LCD, as opposed to OLED, which means dark levels aren’t exactly as profound as observed on contending handsets, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel 2. Be that as it may, whites are perceptibly cleaner and hues are very much spoken to.

Not at all like the Google Pixel 2 XL, which had an adjusted OLED screen, hues on the U11+ look dynamic without being overcooked, and I didn’t see a recognizable move to any side of the RGB range. First-class most extreme splendor levels additionally mean the screen offers to differentiate, regardless of the less inky blacks.


3. HTC Smartphone- U12 Plus

Price: £699. 6-inch Quad-HD+ LCD panel. 3500mAh battery. BoomSound audio. Snapdragon 845. 6GB RAM. 64GB storage. Android 8.1

It’s difficult to discuss the structure of the HTC U12 Plus without tending to appear its greatest defect – its genuinely awful haptic catches. Essentially, rather than settling on standard mechanical catches, HTC Smartphone has utilized fake fastens that vibrate when pushed. There’s no physical development when the catches are pushed; it’s simply intended to feel like they do.

This thought isn’t new – Apple accomplishes something comparative with the iPhone’s home catch – however, it feels off here. The catches are difficult to squeeze: they’re not touchy enough in some cases and excessively delicate on different occasions. There’s likewise no real way to modify the criticism levels – something that works very well on the iPhone 8.

HTC U12 plus
HTC U12 plus-Telgonet

At my underlying preparation, I was informed that the sensation would get normal after utilization, yet this hasn’t been the situation. Following over about fourteen days with the telephone, I’m despite everything thinking that it’s hard to adjust, and bolting the telephone or rapidly modifying the volume stays an agony. Truth be told, in specific circumstances – or when holding the telephone with a particular goal in mind – the catches don’t react by any means.

HTC Smartphone-U12 Plus

The way that the usefulness is especially poor is a disgrace because the evacuation of mechanical catches accompanies a lot of advantages. For instance, it’s simpler to waterproof the gadget – the U12 Plus is IP68 evaluated – and there’s less possibility the catches will get stuck or tumble off. While I haven’t ever encountered the last mentioned, it’s constantly a chance.

Another region where HTC Smartphone has chosen to conflict with the standard is with Edge Sense. First presented with the HTC U11, Edge Sense lets you interface with the telephone by crushing the gadget’s sides.

For instance, a long press could dispatch the camera while a short crush may wake the Google Assistant. With the HTC U12 Plus, we’re presently on to Edge Sense 2, and the greatest update from the last cycle is that tapping the sides of the telephone connects further activities. Tap on the side can contract the screen to make it progressively sensible for one-gave use, while a tap on the contrary side can raise a convenient application launcher.

Regardless of whether this is a consequence of the structure of the U12 Plus previously being concluded before indents turned into a ‘thing’, or whether HTC just isn’t a fan, the truth will surface eventually.

HTC Smartphone has utilized a wide 18:9 board in the U12 Plus and it ticks the majority of the crates I search for in a lead screen. It profits by quad-HD goals, full inclusion of the DCI-P3 shading array, and offers support for HDR. Survey points are average and the board hits a skillful degree of brilliance – even though it’s not even close to the degree seen on the Samsung Galaxy S9 or LG G7.


4. HTC Smartphone-U Ultra

Price: £649.00. 5.7-inch quad-HD display. Secondary 2-inch display. AI software. USB-C headphones included. Android 7. Up to 256GB storage. 12-megapixel. f/1.8 camera. 3D audio

HTC Smartphone is an organization that values structure and its leader metal One-arrangement cell phones have, as I would like to think, consistently been excellent gadgets. That is the reason I’m somewhat baffled by the U Ultra, which feels like the odd one out of HTC’s line.

HTC’s jettisoned the full-metal casing configuration it’s popular for and settled on a glass back. This would be fine if the glass had the tasteful feel of that on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, however, it doesn’t. The back feels more like plastic than glass and is a through and through smear magnet. It likewise feels a little shaky and there’s a perceptible measure of flex when you press on it with even moderate power. This isn’t a handset I’d hope to endure any genuine incidental drop or knock.

HTC U Ultra
HTC U Ultra-Telgonet

I’m likewise not intrigued that HTC’s by and by not stacked the telephone with an earphone jack – a move that will constrain purchasers to put resources into remote earphones or depend on the USB-C set remembered for the U Ultra’s crate. It’s a little bandy, yet as somebody who normally tunes in to music utilizing a wired set while charging my telephone, the absence of a 3.5mm jack is an inconvenience.

HTC Smartphone-U Ultra

The oversight of a microSD opening is another minor inconvenience, however, actually, I envision the 64GB seen on the essential Gorilla Glass model and 128GB of interior space on the flashier Sapphire Crystal form will be all that could be needed for most clients.

The U Ultra’s double screen arrangement is one of its feature highlights. The framework works along these lines to the twin-show arrangement seen on the LG V10 and V20 and spots an optional 2-inch screen over the U Ultra’s essential 5.7-inch 1440p board.

The showcase will show notices and alternate routes for things like applications and contacts. It’ll additionally every so often spring up application-explicit controls for things like Music, which is entirely valuable. The capacity to tweak it to offer brisk alternate routes to contacts and applications is likewise a pleasant touch, even though the U Ultra’s phablet measurements make arriving at the top screen somewhat of a test for individuals with little hands.

The essential presentation is likewise really acceptable. The 1440p goals guarantee content and symbols look consistently sharp. The Super LCD 5 board likewise offers sensibly practical looking hues that don’t look excessively cool or excessively warm. Blacks aren’t the inkiest I’ve seen, particularly when contrasted with AMOLED boards, yet they’re a long way from awful.


5. HTC Smartphone- U11 Life

Price: £349. 5.2-inch 1080p display. Android One with 8.0 Oreo. 3GB RAM. 32GB storage. IP67. USB-C. 16-megapixel front and back cameras.

U11 Life is unashamedly plastic. I love the sparkling blue covering around the back, even though it gets oil smircesh if you to such an extent as even take a gander at it. I’m not excessively worried by this, however, as even with a little hand oil on board it despite everything looks awesome – except if it’s under direct light, that is.

HTC U 11 Life
HTC U 11 Life-Telgonet

It’s a 5.2-inch handset, however, it doesn’t feel very that huge. A flimsy bezel lounge around the screen, which, joined with the decreasing back, makes the U11 Life extraordinarily simple to hold. All the catches that issue are on the right, with a volume rocker and a dimpled reserve/power button that is anything but difficult to discover.

Along the base, an edge is a USB-C connector that is set strangely askew, yet no earphone jack. HTC smartphone incorporates a sensibly fair pair of USB-C earphones in the crate, however, no dongle with which to connect your ordinary 3.5mm earphones. What’s more, no dongle permits you to charge while tuning in to your tunes or web recordings, either, which is simply incensing. Financial limit another £20 for purchasing this basic frill.

HTC Smartphone- U11 Life

The U11 Life is IP67-confirmed, which means it ought to endure a drop in the can or a substantial downpour shower. This is an invite highlight – and in no way, shape, or form standard at this value point.

The 5.2-inch board has a Full HD goal for a pixel thickness of 424ppi. This is about as much as the vast majority would ever need, and when all is said in done it’s a generally excellent presentation to be sure. It’s only a standard LCD board, with no of the extravagant accessories of an AMOLED – yet it truly needn’t bother with it.

Android One is the feature highlight of this telephone. Envision Android One gadgets being on the quickest conceivable track to each official Android update, so when another form of the OS is discharged, Android One gadgets will be preferred choice.

The camera is useful for most purposes. As you’d expect, it’s at its best insufficiently bright conditions. Inside, and around evening time, you’ll need consistent hands: there’s no optical picture adjustment and the 16-megapixel unit has just a moderately limited gap of f/2.0. In any case, the HDR onboard can deliver some extremely satisfying shots.

The 2600mAH battery is extensive enough to last an entire day of utilization; I didn’t end up coming up short on juice inside a 16-hour day. I was running beneath 20% by about 10 pm most evenings, however, given how much I utilize my telephone, I’m not very astounded.



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